There are four key areas of wisdom and techniques that help a leader to become a Buddha-CEO.

Gain Health, Energy and Peak Performance

Breath-Mindfulness Meditation practice course to make it a habit and enable the leaders to get rid of stress, gain perfect health, high energy and high performance. When meditation becomes a daily habit, they become more confident, stay more focused and perform operations at ease with enjoyment.

Manifest Goals

Manifest your dreams and create great outcomes for the business by understanding and practicing the science of manifestation process that is based on Quantum physics and Neuroscience principles. This is one of the most important courses offered by Buddha-CEO foundation to empower the leaders with needed techniques and clarity to manifest their dreams about their business vision and growth.

Build Relationships

This is an essential module for leaders to build great teams that are friendly and empathetic. This also introduces the mirrors of relationship concepts to improve one’s own personality and people connectivity significantly.

Find Purpose of Life and Fulfillment

It is essential for every leader to find meaning and purpose in whatever they do or alternatively align to their life purpose. This course lets them explore various spiritual faculties to understand their inner self and understand the importance of selfless service in gaining deep fulfilment.

Workshops & Courses

Guided Meditation for Personal Resilience and Peak Performance - 6 weeks

In this 40 days program, you will do daily practice of meditation in large groups and learn knowledge in abundance to transform lives. From Meditation to Manifestation to Friendship with Self to Health and Well-being to Mindfulness.

Guided Meditation for Total Wellbeing - 5 Days

This program is a variant of our 40-day program and designed for busy yet highly self- managing individuals, professionals and leaders who have certain schedule constraints. This program is targeted at beginners and long term meditators.

Elevate Your Energy, Create a Magnificent Future for Yourself and Your Business

In this program, we focus on meditation and manifestation science that uses the power of thought to manifest our dreams and goals. Our imaginations are powerful forces that tap into the Quantum Energy Field of infinite potentials. Join us in this 2 day intense program, designed for advanced meditators to experience an extraordinary life through Manifestation Wisdom and Meditation.

Nurture Your Team For Growth Mindset

A 2/3-day classroom workshop led by an expert Buddha-CEO Leader having personal experiences [will be introduced in future]

Purpose Driven Business for Deep Fulfillment

3/4-day classroom workshop, led by Buddha-CEO Leader group with special sessions by Brahmarshi Patriji and other Grand Masters [will be introduced in future]