When you spend just few minutes surfing the internet, we discover so many success stories around the world on famous CEOs and Business Leaders (SAP, Apple, Google, Medtronic, SalesForce, Ford Motor, etc…), as well as athletes, actors, scientists, doctors, professors, government officials who have been practicing meditation, and have deployed the practice across their organizations, corporations, hospitals, police departments, schools, universities, teams, etc.

If you search into many organizational internal portals, you will discover a wealth of content on mindfulness & meditation, which has been listed as a “success skill” by several organizations, including IBM and Google.

Proven by many ancient practices and now corroborated well by neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics and branches of modern sciences, meditation is the foundational practice to nurture a mindful life and a growth mindset in any organization. It will foster both individual and organizational programs covering:

Mindfulness which means focused, collaborative, inclusive and creative culture and workplace.

Personal resilience which is about sustaining high performance and being at your best in any circumstance.

Growth Mindset which means embracing change, new challenges, bold goals and new learnings with an open mind and enthusiasm

Engaged and accountable workforce, ready to actively embrace business & life situations, be essential to the world, and enjoying the journey.

Positive leaders which is about managing teams with trust, transparency, equanimity, optimism and empathy.

Anyone in any job and role, at any age can practice meditation, and without necessarily holding on to any religious or mystical philosophy.

Meditation is very, very easy to practice. In this program, participants will learn and practice a very simple breath mindfulness meditation technique.